Some days in animal rescue are terrible, and some days are great. Then there are the days that are both, at the same time.
Tipper, Dakota, and Marco came into care after living on a country property with a serious feline overpopulation problem. After being rushed immediately to the vet, it was determined these three did have a shot at making it through a serious infection they all had. It would take time, medication and vigilance, but we knew our amazing foster home was up for the challenge.
It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Tipper, while overcoming the infection, was diagnosed with further health complications and sadly lost his battle. As you can see from his photos, his short time with us greatly improved his quality of life.
And while we mourn the loss of our beautiful copper eyed Tipper, we celebrate the complete recovery of Dakota & Marco. The further health complications that Tipper had, were genetic and thankfully not something that Dakota & Marco have. And now that Marco & Dakota are fully cleared, they are ready to find their forever homes!