April 11, 2021 Yet another late night emergency call. This time for a dog that had been spotted with quills but no one had been successful in catching him. This is Wilber and he really


Just when you think you have seen it all, just when you think nothing can shock you anymore,  then you meet poor sweet Lea, only 5 months old, and in a world of hurt. Lea

April 7 intake

Yesterday some of our team was hard at work making stops in several of our partnering communities! We saw 18 animals in all - 9 of which are part of our spay, neuter and return


Hello Scars, I have an update for you from a very handsome boy.️ We got Theo just a little over a year ago, just at the start of the pandemic. He was found in

Echo (formerly Fluff)

Hello SCARS, It has been just over a year since we adopted Echo (formerly Fluff), and she has grown into a beautiful, loving dog. She is goofy, smart and likes to tell you what's

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