Hi SCARS, Our family adopted our dog, Ted, 13 years ago from Prairie Animal Rescue Society (which later joined with SCARS). He was found outside a seniors home. When I first inquired about him, he was already adopted. A week later, Terra at PARS contacted us because he had been brought back after wandering off the couple’s acreage for a week. He did return, but they decided they couldn’t keep him, which turned out to be a wonderful thing for us!

We drove 5 hours from Fort McMurray to High Prairie to pick him up, and from the moment we met him, he became part of our family. Ted was loyal, happy, loving, and just the best dog ever! He was so smart. He learned his basic tricks, and he loved his treats and car rides. He loved everyone! He brought so much joy and love to our family (including my aging parents), and in return, we gave him the best life we possibly could. He was our “fur therapy”. Unfortunately, a few months ago, Ted got very sick, and after a month of vet visits and meds not working anymore, we made the difficult decision to let Ted go. That day I said never again, it was the worst day ever when I took him to the vet for the last time.

Now a month later, all I remember is all the joy and love he brought us for 13 years. We are now looking to adopt another dog again, and we are willing to wait for that perfect match. There are so many dogs that need homes, and I know we will find one that requires our family to love them and give them the life they deserve. I feel like this is full circle, because I have discovered SCARS, which is the group that Terra is with now with. A big thank you to Terra for introducing us to Ted. You made a huge difference in our lives!