April 26…Rosa PUPDATE! It’s been a couple weeks and Rosa is now in a foster home and doing fantastic! she is getting regular bandage changes and healing well. She has another dog to keep her company too, which is so much fun! Rosa’s recovery has been long and we are so thankful for all the support!
Warning! Graphic Images Ahead!
April 12 update… Rosa is doing well. The wound on her right pelvic limb is closed now and the wound on the left is also progressing well. She is still with our friends at Guardian Vet Emergency Clinic and will be staying there for a bit longer. We have high hopes she can be moving into foster care soon.

April 4 update… We just wanted to give you an update on sweet Rosa. Overall doing well and the wounds are progressing well. Starting to see some granulation tissue in the wound in the left limb. She is still at Guardian Vet receiving her treatment. We will update again very soon!

March 30 update…. Overnight update on Rosa: Turns out she was hit by a vehicle. On top of her leg injuries, she also suffered a collapsed lung and is anemic. Last night she received a blood transfusion and chest tap to further stabilize her before working on her legs. Despite all her injuries, Rosa is a very sweet and cooperative patient.

Thanks for all the donations and kind words. We are so thankful for all of your support. ❤️❤️


March 29 update…Rosa has arrived at Guardian Emergency Veterinary Clinic. We will update with the updates as soon as we can.
Thank you for all the donations, support, comments and shares.
March 28th… Sometimes there are just no words. Meet Rosa. We apologize for the graphic images. We don’t know what happened to Rosa. What we know is this is how we picked her up. We rushed her into the vet, who worked on stabilizing her. She has serious injuries to both back legs. We are unclear at this time on her prognosis. We are fairly certain she will lose a back leg, but we are hoping that her other back leg can be saved.  She will be headed to the specialists at Guardian to be further evaluated.
Please keep Rosa in your thoughts. ‼️‼️To donate to Rosa’s Medical care please go direct at www.scarscare.ca
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