February 27, 2023 – Not again! Not another one!

Our hearts are broken as we have, yet again, taken in animals that were dumped in a ditch in freezing temperatures. Animals are not disposable. It is a criminal offense to abandon an animal, and there are no words for how unethical and cruel it is.

Before dawn this morning, a driver noticed a small animal kennel in a parking lot and was compelled to stop. Assuming it would be empty, but with an abundance of caution (given the cold), this person decided that checking was the right thing to do. Imagine their shock and dismay to find a mom and kitten trapped inside, along with a heartless message scrawled on the kennel, “2 Girls. Keep them, if you want them. I Don’t.”

We have no words for someone so cold-hearted they would subject innocent animals to such abuse and suffering. Without the keen eye of the driver and their caring actions, these poor animals could have suffered a horrible fate.

Does SCARS have room for them? No, we sure don’t. Did we take them anyway? Yes, we did. Because someone needs to the Next, Good, Right, Kind thing.

Please, if you have room in your heart and your home, consider fostering or adopting. Together, we can let the voice of all that is good be stronger than the voice of those who don’t care.