January 14, 2021
*Warning – Graphic Images Ahead* ⚠️
Life has not been kind to Buster & you would never know it with his friendly personality. If only they could talk and tell you their story… Best guess, caught in a trap?
Sadly this is the second dog in the last month SCARS has treated with this injury! Buster also had a damaged eye, perhaps caused by some kind of trauma. We will know soon after seeing a vet. He is in the current hands of Westlock Veterinary Center.
Buster is from a Community nearly 7+ hours north of Edmonton. Thank you to the kind ladies who rescued him & drove several hours to meet one of our volunteers who also drove several hours.
If you can consider donating to “Buster” please donate at www.scarscare.ca/donate.
He was brought into Westlock Vet with his snare injury, eye injury & upon further review – a really old pelvic fracture. We completed the amputation, and the eye removal – time will tell as we wait for him to feel comfortable on 3 legs. Time will also tell for what will come of his Pelvic Injury. We aren’t sure if we will need to do surgery again in a few weeks or if this is something that we will monitor. We are so thankful the poor guy is in our hands and thank everyone for all the support. ❤️🐶
January 23, 2021
‼️ Update on *Buster*! ‼️
Buster is a trooper!
He’s doing so well in recovery that he’s able to go into his foster home today. He will need suture removal, a re-check & the unknown of if we need to go back in for surgery to evaluate the old injury of the fractured Pelvis. ❤️ ❤️
Please keep him in your thoughts. He is not out of the woods yet and not available for adoption at this time.