Another Rescue Story.

We aren’t kidding when we say this past month has been something we haven’t seen before. So many injured & sick animals in need. Meet one of our newest rescues!

I’m Kimmy. I had a rough start but don’t let that fool you. I’ve singlehandedly restored my foster mom’s faith in huskies. Having owned one and met several, she has become less excited to see my breed as the years have gone by because we are usually crazy high energy and often try to escape to eat her cats/chickens/goats. But she loves dogs and a rescue is a rescue so she does her best to be excited for us, but then I walked in. Calm, soft, gentle with everything, and happy to just have a walk and be fed. As it turns out, I may have been forced to calm down because I was shot TWICE, once in the left knee and once in the right hip. You can see my soreness when I walk.

The best course of treatment is a femoral head surgery on my right hip joint as it’s been severely damaged. Please wish me luck. The doc said I’ll be in much less pain.

I’m very underweight, which is most likely due to living in pain and surviving these injuries without medical assistance. I’m a sweet girl that still has so much love to give even though the world has been cruel to me. Gotta love a dog’s resilience.

I’m not ready yet for adoption, but please keep me in your thoughts!