Meet Brownie!  This sweet girl has needed help from SCARS twice recently.  Brownie gave birth to puppies this spring.  Worried that they’d freeze, her family called SCARS to help re-winterize her dog house and get her some quality food to help her with nursing her pups.  Unfortunately, winterizing was not the only help they needed – people had driven into the family’s yard and stolen three of her babies.  SCARS sent the remainder of Brownie’s puppies to a foster home to keep them safe, and spayed Brownie to return her to her family.  They were so excited to have her back!

Shortly after her homecoming, SCARS was called for Brownie again.  This time, she had been hit by a car.  Lucky for her, x-ray showed that she would need surgery and did not require an amputation.  Brownie has had her surgery and is now recovering in her foster home and will be available for adoption once she has been medically cleared.

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