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Cedric (formerly Sherritt)

Hi SCARS! We were celebrating Cedric’s (formerly known as Sherritt) 1st birthday this past weekend, and we realized we never provided an update on our handsome boy. We adopted Cedric in June 2018, and as new dog owners we feel like we won the lottery. There were certainly

Cedric (formerly Sherritt)2019-02-18T15:20:57-07:00

Chevy (in memory of)

I want to let the SCARS universe know that our wonderful Chevy died recently, in peace, at home. Chevy had been in congestive heart failure for almost two years and was feeling the effects of it more and more. As well, he had significant arthritis and struggled to

Chevy (in memory of)2019-02-13T07:32:56-07:00


Hi! My name is Nutmeg. SCARS found me heavily pregnant during the Walls4Winter dog house drop off. Luckily, they went into action quickly because I needed an emergency C-section. One of my pups was stuck! While they couldn’t save her, the C-section helped to get all the pups



Meet Otto! Last summer, Otto was hit by a car... twice. His access to medical treatment was delayed for several months, and as a result, his injuries have fused in ways that are not so functional. You may notice that he's the best at sitting pretty - he



Food to eat. Trouble to get into. Cardboard boxes to shred. Leashes to chew …. It’s hard to believe, looking at me today, that just 2 weeks ago I was a very sick guy. I’m Simba and I was one little tan puppy, alone and cold in an


Demi (formerly Flurry)

Hi SCARS, This is Domi (aka Flurry), one of the loves of my lives. He is so sweet and full of cuddles. He just wants love all the time. His sisters love him and he is so gentle with his 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier sister and yet loves

Demi (formerly Flurry)2019-01-29T07:09:19-07:00

Luna (formerly Pamela)

Hello SCARS, I just wanted to give an update on how Pamela (now Luna) is doing. I also need to give a call out to her foster mom who insisted on a meet’n’greet -- best decision I ever made. Since bringing Luna home in February of 2018, she’s

Luna (formerly Pamela)2019-01-27T16:36:31-07:00