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Kitten rescue

It’s kitten season!!! Never mind it’s always kitten season... SCARS has been overwhelmed with requests to help with kittens and cats. With the weather getting colder the need is even greater. Kittens such as these adorable balls of fluff were dropped off at a farm. Some not easy

Kitten rescue2020-10-03T12:56:52-06:00


I am Arkham. I came into care nearly 4 months ago when it was noted that I was acting a bit strange. I was puking, walking funny and just overall not myself. Upon further diagnosis and lots of time at Westlock Vet Clinic - I was diagnosed with


Pearl memorial

Little Pearl was very ill when someone found her and contacted SCARS to help. We rushed her to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital. She had a fever and dehydrated. She was also tested positive for PARVO. Sadly, our sweet Pearl didn’t make the night. They tried to save her,

Pearl memorial2020-09-29T18:29:12-06:00


Hi, I am Shadow. I was found all alone and no one was there to claim me. A nice person contacted SCARS to see if they had room for me. I came in at such a young age. I was unable to eat/drink on my own so my


Mrs. Peabody

Hi SCARS, This is Mrs. Peabody (now known as Mrs. Charlotte Peabody, aka Charlie), who came to us on April 21, from SCARS, after she weaned her six babies. She has more personality than any cat I have ever met! We love her so much! This little lady

Mrs. Peabody2020-09-27T10:54:08-06:00


Please welcome Abbie to the SCARS family. This little girl had her leg broken as a puppy and it didn’t heal well.  Two years later, the leg is now infected, and SCARS will have it amputated next week. The infection looks painful but, other than that, the leg


Gemma (formerly Magestrix)

Hi SCARS, We adopted or very sweet and awesome kitty Gemma (formerly Magestrix) at the end of May. She was then a young Momma cat whose kittens had just been weaned and still a kitten herself. She quickly settled into her new home and won her way into

Gemma (formerly Magestrix)2020-09-27T09:47:05-06:00

Louie (formerly Budd)

Hello SCARS, I would like to let you know that when I was adopted on July 29, 2020, I was 8 weeks old and I was named Bud, but my family changed it to Louie. I’m already around 35 pounds, and I have an older sister whose name

Louie (formerly Budd)2020-09-27T09:23:55-06:00

Maya (formerly What)

Hi SCARS! We got What (now named Maya) on Saturday and her and her human brother have bonded instantly! This photo was taken as soon as we got home that day! Thank you for letting our family welcome her to our home! The Desilva family

Maya (formerly What)2020-09-27T09:18:31-06:00
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