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Kitty (in memory)

Meet KITTY. She was thrown away and left in a box. Thrown away as if she was worthless, as if her spirit didn't matter. We wish this wasn't true, that ....

Kitty (in memory)2021-12-01T17:05:52-07:00


November 24, 2021 More Emergencies! Meet Cassie. Found skin and bones, covered in feces and barely surviving. She’s not doing well as we speak, but she’s in really great hands ....



Nov 25, 2021 Meet Ernest. He was a stray cat that was brought into Westlock Vet. As you can see just by his face, he had a rough couple weeks. ....


19 New Intakes

Nov 24, 2021 .... 19 Animals! Success is a day where we can make a difference in an animal’s life. 15 stray/owner surrendered animals will have a second chance at ....

19 New Intakes2021-11-25T17:49:00-07:00

Phoebe has parvo

Nov. 24, 2021 Meet PHOEBE ! She is another Parvo Pup that came into us a few days ago. We are sorry we didn’t post an update sooner, but the ....

Phoebe has parvo2021-11-25T17:43:26-07:00

Timber has parvo

Nov 21, 2021 **Another puppy that needs help!** Timber just arrived & sadly has parvo. Parvo is a very contagious virus that can often be fatal if not treated. Parvo ....

Timber has parvo2021-11-25T17:30:39-07:00

New Intakes!

November 13... Meet our newest intakes! It was a busy day with three different volunteer drivers visiting three different locations! A lot of hours and many kilometres later, we were ....

New Intakes!2021-11-14T13:28:40-07:00


Puppy foster homes are constantly on watch to keep these precious little ones safe. Late one night this week poor little Cedar suddenly got very ill. Diarrhea, vomiting, acting lethargic. ....



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