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Ezra (in memory of)

Hi SCARS, You may not remember this gorgeous black lab as she was adopted from SCARS over 14 years ago! Her adoption name was Ezra, we got her at 5 weeks old, but we re-named her Tikka. She was level 2 retriever trained, crazy for fetch and in

Ezra (in memory of)2019-01-17T19:03:08-07:00


Hi SCARS, We have an update on Mojo. We adopted this cutie before Christmas and she fits in great. She loves to cuddle and always loves to be around her people. She has no problem telling you off when she doesn't receive enough love and attention. She is perfect.


Rusty (formerly Ryan)

Hi SCARS, This is Rusty (formerly Ryan) who came to us from the home of lovely foster mom, Julie Bayliss. We adopted Rusty and he’s doing awesome. His story as we were told is that he was found in a box on someone’s porch with his big brother. Now

Rusty (formerly Ryan)2019-01-10T20:56:28-07:00

Tesla (formerly Tezi)

Hello SCARS! We rescued little Tezi (now Tesla) just before Christmas and she fits right in. She’s a great little cuddler and loves running around in the backyard with our other dog, Poppy. - Chelsey Hunt    

Tesla (formerly Tezi)2019-01-10T20:40:21-07:00

Walls 4 Winter Fundraiser

Thank you to Bernie and Shannon Strei and their team at Golden Spike Lumber in Spruce Grove for their December 2018 100% Donor Matching Campaign in support of our Walls 4 Winter pet shelter program. A special thank you to everybody who donated. Including what Golden Spike Lumber contributed,

Walls 4 Winter Fundraiser2019-01-07T07:38:56-07:00

Lena (formerly Leah)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Lena (formerly Leah) in November 2017. She has been a delightful addition to our family! We had just lost a beloved Mexican rescue and had a big hole in our hearts to fill, which Lena has done. She’s so goofy and sweet. We had a

Lena (formerly Leah)2018-12-29T17:02:35-07:00


Merry Christmas update: Hi SCARS, you might remember me as Diesel, but my human figured out my name is actually Deagòl (from Lord of the Rings). I'm a happy and relaxed dog basically all the time (though my Dad always wants to sleep on my bed... I don't understand



Hi SCARS! I adopted Harriette from SCARS seven years ago. She has moved with me from city to city, and I couldn't be happier to call her family. She is definitely spoiled, and introducing another pet was a bit of a challenge, her only child syndrome and all, but


The Life of Pi

Well life doesn't always go the way you want it to, and sometimes it feels like nothing goes your way. Life as a cat can be pretty rough, so often we are just not valued. That pretty much sums up my five months in this world. I was

The Life of Pi2019-01-16T20:46:11-07:00