August 2, 2022… Meet Queso! 🧡 🐈
Hello Everyone, nice to meet you! Can you pet me and play with me? That is all I want to do is play and snuggle. Oh and eat, I like food. I was attacked by a fox and I have about 50 stitches holding me together. The Doc says I’ll be fine though and I was lucky. Lucky to get attacked by a fox isn’t what I would call lucky. Nor has my name ever been lucky. I am an old kitten my foster mom says I just love to play! I’m sooo glad my foster mom has other kittens here for me to play with! We have so much fun together. Do you have a cat I can play with? I have lots of energy and would love to find a home I can add some life to. If your home is needing some awakening then you need to adopt me right away. Please apply today by visiting my profile and clicking on the ADOPT ME button!