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Brutus got quilled

August 31, 2023 Evening Update Brutus has made his way back from Westlock Veterinary Center to our Rescue Centre. One of our amazing volunteer drivers drove over 9 hours ....

Brutus got quilled2023-09-02T15:14:47-06:00

Moo is pregnant

August 5, 2023 Update The reality of a very young cat having babies, is there is sometimes complications. Sadly we lost 1 baby during the birth but 6 are ....

Moo is pregnant2023-08-06T10:08:37-06:00

Coraline had 6 kittens

August 3, 2023 I'm Coraline, I was found waddling out of nowhere. I kept returning and meowing for attention and food. It was obvious I would have babies very ....

Coraline had 6 kittens2023-08-03T17:12:51-06:00


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