Monthly Archives: March 2021

March 20 intakes

On Thursday, we welcomed 8 cats, 1 adult dog and 4 puppies into the SCARS family! Everyone is doing great and settling in. Keep an eye on our website for ....

March 20 intakes2021-03-27T12:11:04-06:00

March 21 intakes

March 21, 2021. It was a busy end of the week for SCARS volunteers. Friday we saw more intakes - a single little female dog as well as a mom ....

March 21 intakes2021-03-27T12:18:58-06:00


Hello SCARS, Manuka was adopted thru PARS/SCARS (November 2007 to March 16-2021). I remember the day like it was yesterday... seeing Manuka for the first time at an adoption ....

Manuka TRIBUTE2021-03-26T09:26:44-06:00


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