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I am Arkham. I came into care nearly 4 months ago when it was noted that I was acting a bit strange. I was puking, walking funny and just ....


Pearl memorial

Little Pearl was very ill when someone found her and contacted SCARS to help. We rushed her to the Lloydminster Animal Hospital. She had a fever and dehydrated. She ....

Pearl memorial2020-09-29T18:29:12-06:00


Hi, I am Shadow. I was found all alone and no one was there to claim me. A nice person contacted SCARS to see if they had room for ....


Mrs. Peabody

Hi SCARS, This is Mrs. Peabody (now known as Mrs. Charlotte Peabody, aka Charlie), who came to us on April 21, from SCARS, after she weaned her six babies. ....

Mrs. Peabody2020-09-27T10:54:08-06:00


Please welcome Abbie to the SCARS family. This little girl had her leg broken as a puppy and it didn’t heal well.  Two years later, the leg is now ....



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