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To view upcoming Events, please visit the SCARS Events Portal. In this section of the SCARS website we showcase events, auctions, sponsorship programs and other fundraising activities!

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Evacuated Pets

If you are looking for an evacuated pet, visit the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society’s Community Support and Disaster Response reunification page. When communities are impacted by natural disasters, families and animals are sometimes separated. When asked, SCARS will step in to help care for displaced or evacuated animals until their families can be located.

Please view this page to see if your pet is one of the unidentified animals in our care.

The SCARS Morinville Rescue Centre

Since 2022, SCARS has cared for animals at our Athabasca Second-Chance Country Refuge and through volunteers foster homes. We expanded in October 2022 with the opening of our Morinville Rescue Centre.

Please note that the facility is open to the public by appointment only as a meet-and-greet location for those who apply to adopt an animal.

We continue to see an alarming trend in requests to help animals. In addition to adopting, donating, and spaying or neutering your own pets, a great way to help animals is to support the events that help fund our operations!

Lost-and-found Pets

SCARS intakes strays from numerous areas, usually in conjunction with bylaw/animal control, in Morinville, Strathcona county, Sturgeon County, Athabasca (and sometimes others). SCARS Morinville Rescue Centre holds animals in concert with local bylaw animal control. We contact owners through identification if found (microchip, tattoo, etc.); if no owner information can be found, we list the animals on our Lost and Found Pets page. Click here to view found pets SCARS is holding.

SCARS Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor an area of our Athabasca Second-Chance Country Refuge facility. This kennel sponsorship program allows individuals to acknowledge family, friends, special occasions, promote a business, in memory of a loved one. Whatever or whoever you would like to recognize in a special way. In doing so you are supporting the needs of the many animals currently in our care!

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Sponsor a SCARS Sanctuary Animal. Sanctuary animals are rescues that have very strong special needs and are likely to be with SCARS permanently as they will not assimilate with the general public. We need sponsors to help us offset the cost of permanently housing these animals and giving them the love, care and attention they so desperately need.

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Sponsor a SCARS Event. SCARS holds several fundraising initiatives across the year that support our mission to promote humane care and protection of all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering. We are seeking your support to help us reach our fundraising goals. Have a look at our upcoming events for the opportunity that’s right for you!

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Look at Me Now!

2305, 2023

Daisy (formerly Cupid)

By |Look at me now!|

Hello SCARS, remember me? Yes, it is me, Cupid! Well, now my name is Daisy and let me tell you, life is great! Every human I meet likes me and I like them, but my best friend is definitely my human brother. Every morning, I make sure he gets up and has his breakfast with me, waiting patiently under ....

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