Zoya (formerly Sophia)

Hi SCARS! We wanted to share an update on our beloved SCARS adoptee Zoya (formerly Sophia). We adopted Zoya about eight years ago. When I went on the SCARS website to see adoptable female dogs I came across Sophia, who recently came into care with her brother. She was a sad sight to behold. She was rescued in the nick of time with a severe neck infection and suffering from demodex mange which left her bloody and scabbed with large patches of hair missing. With the temperature dropping to -40, you saved her life! She needed immediate vet care for the infection and ongoing treatment for the mange. Your info said she was very sweet despite all she had endured, and then and there I decided she was the dog for us. When I showed her picture to my family, they told me that she was the ugliest dog they had ever seen. But something about her touched my heart and I saw potential. When we met her, even though she still looked rough, we all fell in love with her. She was so sweet. She spent the first month with Karen,  a very dedicated foster caregiver, and was then ours to take home. We continued to treat her mange for two more months and then her beautiful coat revealed itself. She has been the best dog! So full of life with such an amusing personality. Although she is close to 10 now, she is often mistaken for a pup. Her favourite thing to do is go to the mountains for our winter ski trips. She loves to go into the shops in Banff and entertain the staff, or park herself on a bench on Main Street and people watch. We hope to have her for a long time to come. Without the hard work and dedication of all of the SCARS volunteers we would not have had the privilege of having this wonderful addition to our family. Thank you for the work you do and we will continue to support SCARS.

The Suca Family