Hello SCARS, We would like to give you an update on our puppy, Zoe, adopted September 29, 2020.  She was a member of the Alberta special gang, and formerly known as Irma. She has needed a lot of socializing but she is coming along well, and has started her second set of puppy classes. PetSmart and Salisbury Greenhouse are her favourite places. She has enjoyed her first Christmas, and did very well with the exciting trees and presents. It would have been nice if we could have spent more time with family visits, but she has been fun to spend time with and we are really looking forward to camping next year! Zoe is growing like crazy! She was about 11 lbs when we picked her up. Today she is 52 lbs, 22 1/2″ tall, and 23″ long.  She loves retrieving and running in the snow. I would love to see some updates from her litter mates. They all looked so different. Thank you to SCARS, all the volunteers, and her foster Mom, Heather.  Zoe has made a big difference in our lives and hopefully we have made her life better too.