Willow and her 9 puppies

Having a good relationship with the residents in our partner communities saves lives.

On February 20, a SCARS’ community volunteer received a late evening call from a man saying that their dog was having puppies in her doghouse. It was -20! Her blanket and pillow were wet, there were 7 babies already with more coming. Could they bring the mom and pups to us?

Our volunteer explained that she had to move some dogs to other foster homes before she had space for their girl. By 11 PM, Willow had 9 puppies. The family decided to move her into the house temporarily. The only space they had was a bedroom closet. Not the best for a nervous new mom, but better than freezing outside.

The clock was ticking. Willow couldn’t stay in the closet because it stressed her too much. The alternative was an outdoor shed which was too cold for newborns. Foster homes did what foster homes do, they stepped up, juggled and shuffled, and made room for this new family.

Willow will be spayed and returned to her owners because she is much loved and is the guardian for their young daughter. These 9 cuties will be available for adoption in the coming weeks