Hello SCARS, Thought I would send you a quick update on Wags. He loves playing with his stuffed toys (mostly he loves pulling all the stuffing out, this is called a Fluffectomy by a friend of mine). His hind end is getting stronger all the time and now when we give him a massage there is actually muscle instead of just tendons. He has also put on some much needed weight. He’s had a few puppy flip-outs with no ill effects and has started cavorting, talking and cannon-balling into us when we grab the leash. He continues to be amazing with every person and dog we meet and is all in all an extremely sweet dog. Thanks again!


Here are photos of some of the firsts Wagner has had in the last few weeks.  A total crash in the dog bed (this photo is terrible but you get the idea); canoeing; hiking 5 kilometers in the mountains and sitting on a red chair; and a mountain standoff. Plus, no photos for these, but he came with us to a restaurant patio in Jasper and was such a good boy that the server just adored him!