Meet our Donations Team! 

The SCARS donations team is exactly that a TEAM! Here is an inside look at how your material donations are accepted and handled, as explained by our volunteer donations co-coordinators!

When you email the donations team, you will hear back from us (Kelli or Janet). We direct you to one of our wonderful donation drop-off locations. When a drop-off location is full, the business will contact us. We then send out a request to our team of donation drivers who go above and beyond to pick up the donations promptly and efficiently. Next, our amazing sorters go through the donations and separate them for storage.

We update our foster homes regularly on what is available. They can visit our storage locker to get the supplies they need to make their foster animal comfortable. We have a secondary, rural location that stores items for our rural foster homes and intake centres. When we need to move items between the two locations, we send out a request to our volunteer drivers.

Sometimes, we run short of certain items. That is when a call goes out to our generous SCARS supporters, who step up to donate. This includes our wish lists on the SCARS website and Amazon.

We recently set up a new program to accept recyclable bottles with the refunds going to SCARS. If a donor is not able to visit a participating depot, we can arrange to have a volunteer pick up their bottles.

We are also both foster homes and each of us has adopted SCARS animals. We realized what a crucial role donations play to a non-profit organization. SCARS brings in so many animals every year, many with medical issues, and SCARS needs all the money they can get to pay for veterinary bills. The generous material donations that come through our donations team means less monetary expenses for SCARS.

As you can see, this is truly a team effort. We could not do it without help from:

  • Cat donations guru: Elizyah
  • Donation drivers: Andie, Carolyn, Gerry, Lenard, Chris A., Chris D., Patti S., Teresa, Andréa, Lara, Trish, Mike, Laurel, Cornelia, Anne, Jessica, Heather, Anna, Olga, Patti M., Tannis, Shannon, and many more
  • Donation sorters:  Thérèse, Cornelia, Colinda, Sammie
  • Storage ambassadors:  Kathleen, Jackie, Brady

We can’t believe how much effort our donations team puts in. You truly make a difference to the SCARS family! THANK YOU!