Hi, I'm Finley, I am approximately 2 years old and 65 pounds. First thing you need to know about me is that I am very nervous and uncomfortable when strangers try to touch me, I'll lay down, go belly up or run away. Note that I am totally fine being around other people if they keep their hands to themselves. Once I get to know and trust you then I'm happy to get plenty of affection. I'd be thrilled to have another dog in the home that can help show me the ropes, but I would also be ok as an only pet, provided you are willing to patiently teach me that new experiences can be fun. Foster mom has recently taken me to an off-leash dog park, which is awesome, I love running around and playing with the other dogs. The people in the walking group really like me and after a couple of visits I've even let a couple of them pet me. I'm not a big fan of the car ride at this point but I may get better at it over time. I am also not fond of the leash and will panic if you try to pull me with it. So far, I've been great in the house during the work day although I do currently have the resident dog to keep me company. I've never chewed on anything that wasn't mine or had an accident in the house. I enjoy bones and playing with all the toys here. If you think we might be a good fit, please reach out and set up a meet and greet. Foster mom says I am an absolute sweetheart, and my adopter(s) will be very lucky to have such a great dog.
Available for adoption

Good with kids ages 10 and up

House trained

Not good with cats

Adopt Me!
Animal Type(s): Dog
Gender: Male
Color: White/Brown
Approx. date of birth: November 15, 2020
Breed: Mixed Breed (Large)
Weight: 65.3 lbs
Intake date: May 12, 2022
House trained:
Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.