I'm no spooky little ghost! I'm Casper the friendly kitten! If anything, I'm the one who gets spooked most of the time! I have a bunch of rowdy brothers and I'm one of the more calm ones. I try to be as sweet and quiet as I can. My foster mom says that I'm just the most lovely little kitten who has both a calm and a playful side. Even though I can be shy at first, it doesn't take me long before I'm jumping right in to whatever is going on!
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Animal Type(s): Cat
Gender: Male
Color: White
Approx. date of birth: July 16, 2020
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Intake date: September 30, 2020
House trained:
Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.