These are the AB SPCA dogs that came into us a few weeks ago. Please note the following MUSTS before applying for adoption on them. They are in a very critical window of training and have some VERY interesting things they require. Musts: - The new owner must have experience with Shy Nervous Dogs who need lots of socialization and support. ( Training program ASAP is highly encouraged ) - Must have another Confident dog of the opposite sex. - No Condos, No Apartments. - No small animals, no small children. (Over 12 is OK) - Will not be suitable in homes where the owner is gone 8+ hours per day. Must be home often to work on these puppies as they are in a critical time frame for socialization/skills/training. - Not a dog park dog. Hi Money penny here, I'm a mixed breed, almost 4 month old pup. I was rescued from a situation where I was not exposed to many things. I'm starting to try new things and my Foster mom says I'm pretty brave! I'm pretty sure I'm braver then my brother, but shhh... don't tell him that! I'm a quick and eager learner, love to play, and food is the best! I love to cuddle up to my hoomans and have a power nap! I usually get the zoomies with my brother and its like I'm flying! I'm pretty fast! Im a very sweet and affectionate pup with so many kisses to give. There is a chance I could get big as I'm pretty tall! But we don't really know for-sure. We are working on my manners and trying new things but I will need a furever family who has patience as I still have lots to learn. I'm a little jumpy and not a good fit for small children. My furever home must have another dog in the home. I'll need a yard, so no condos or apartments for me.
Available for adoption

Good with dogs

Must have another confident dog in the home

No Condo/Apartment Homes

Adopt Me!
Animal Type(s): Dog
Gender: Female
Color: Black/None
Approx. date of birth: June 1, 2020
Breed: Mixed Breed (Large)
Weight: 22.3 lbs
Intake date: September 23, 2020
House trained:
Please note: If other cats/dogs in your home are not spayed/neutered, we may deny your application. SCARS exists due to lack of spaying/neutering and it is our goal to end this cycle. If there is a documented medical reason for your animal to not be spayed/neutered, we will work with you.