Hello SCARS, I just wanted to say thanks for bringing me to my new furever home! I was brought to the Westlock vet centre in December when I was found unable to walk and not doing well. That’s where I met my new mom! I was very scared at first and didn’t trust easily, but she took the time to make me feel comfortable and we fell in love with each other. She was the only one I would let take care of me. It took a while but eventually I started walking again (very wobbly at first) but I’m 100% back to normal and thriving at my new home!

When I arrived at my new home I didn’t leave my moms side. But eventually I warmed up to everyone, including my two new brothers, Ruger and Colt, and even the cat, Cali, who I love to play with and annoy! I have everyone wrapped around my tiny paw and am the princess of the house. I love being right in their faces, snuggling onto their chests, and getting cozy in a warm blanket. I’m a bit of a handful sometimes but they all love me and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you SCARS and the wonderful staff at the Westlock vet centre for saving me, making me healthy, and finding me my furever home!