Tilly has seen a lot of trauma in her short life. Her initial foster home noticed that she was afraid to interact with the other dogs. She would yelp and cry if they came anywhere near her. Tilly would also cry when she was being fed, almost as if she expected to be chased away at any time.

There was a swollen sore spot on her left hip area that Tilly started to lick at in her new foster home. The area became raw and started to ooze, so off they went to the vet. It was determined that the wound was an abscessed bite. A drain was put in to relieve the pressure. Foster mom has the unenviable task of squeezing the area a couple of times a day to make sure that the drain doesn’t clog and the abscess drains fully.

Tilly loves humans and in spite of having her backside squeezed, she wants to hang out with her foster mom.