Hello SCARS, We would love to introduce the newest edition to our family: The Dude! (Dudes or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing!) The Dude (the singing artist, formerly known as Jupiter) was rescued and fostered by one of SCARS’ awesome foster parents, Patti, who took time out of her day to let us make multiple visits before the adoption. Dude fits into our family perfectly. Dude is loving, playful, smart and a great listener. Within the short period that we have had him, he has already become potty trained, crate trained and he’s learned a couple of tricks (for treats of course). Dude is also great at walks, probably because everyone has to stop and admire him whenever we walk by…he’s a real lady killer. Our handsome boy is very respectful of other pets we see around, both cats, dogs, as well as any new humans he may encounter. Our future with The Dude is looking bright! He is the perfect pup and we would love to thanks SCARS and Patti for all the hard work they do!! The Dude abides.