Hi SCARS, Remember me? I’m the mom dog from the Teri and the blue baby blanket rescue story. My puppies and I were abandoned on a lonely country road in the coldest part of winter, and SCARS saved us. I came to my new home on June 6th in 2009, and since then much has changed. My boy who adopted me has grown. He now plays football and I sit and watch every practice. I also have a girl now that I have watched over since a baby, she is like my own puppy now. Then suddenly one day a fluff ball came right on into my house and made himself right at home! His name is Teddy and he’s a funny little mutt. So my family has grown, but my roots stay firmly planted in rescue. My family continues to foster and help out other dogs. They say its a labour of love. My life is good, my kids are wonderful and my yard has nice warm sunny spots to lay in. What more could a dog want. Thank you again SCARS.