February 1, 2022 … *Warning – Graphic Images Ahead*
Life as a stray cat is filled with tremendous risk. There is danger around every corner. My new friends don’t know what happened to me, but I have suffered major trauma to my leg. The vets here at the Lloydminster Clinic will need to amputate my leg to save my life. I am absolutely adorable, if I do say do myself, and will still be adorable with only three legs. Obviously not ready for adoption yet, but watch for me to be adoptable in the days ahead!! 👋
February 10, 2022 update…Hi there, it’s me, Tappy. I am a super affectionate and loving kitten who met something unfortunate. I ended up needing to have my leg amputated. But, that was then and this is now. I am anxious to get this cone off so I can get on with life! I have only been in my foster home for a few days but I am already so relaxed and enjoying exploring the house when my cone is off. I am already getting around just fine on three, I have used the scratching post with my good leg, and jumped up onto low things. I absolutely love curling up on people, and I am a huge cuddler. So far I am ok with the foster home dog, but it’s probably because he is very calm and keeps to himself; in the past I have been really scared of dogs. Cats are OK. I should never be an outside cat without strict supervision as I would be pretty vulnerable out there. I have gotten used to living indoors just fine and use my litter box well. If you would like a special companion who may look a little different but is all heart, please click to adopt me! www.scarscare.ca.