Emerson’s story – stray cats need our help

They’re under the house, in your outbuildings, hiding in the bushes – stray and abandoned cats and kittens – starving and afraid. Even though the weather seems nice to us who live indoors, the outdoor animals are having a rough time. Just this past week, we have rescued two of the thinnest young cats we’ve ever seen. It’s a sad reality that rescues and humane societies are at capacity for cats this year. If you can provide warm shelter, food and water for strays around your home, you would be doing them a huge service. It buys them time until rescues can intake more.

RIP Emerson… When SCARS brought Emerson into our care, he was one of the thinnest cats we had ever seen. His foster home gave him love, food, shelter and a name. She gave him a chance. Emerson tried his best, he ate what he could, but he was too far gone. He was passing bird seed and pieces of trash bags that he’d been eating in a desperate bid to sustain his starving body. He had no reserves. His emaciated body was shutting down. All that his foster mom could do was hold him close and tell him of her love. Emerson passed away knowing that he was wanted and cherished. That’s all we could do for him.