Hello Scars. My name is Starbuck, or “Star” for short (formerly Bootsie). I actually have many nicknames: Starry Night, Superstar, Buckley, and Skrat, among other nicknames that are full of affection. I’m writing to give you a quick update. My family adopted me this summer not long after they lost their beloved elder cat, Tosh. I’m happy to report that I have helped to heal their hearts. I’ve always been very cute. But now that I’ve grown, lots of spots have appeared all over my coat, and my family thinks my spots (and my stripes!) are so gorgeous.  I’m curious, crazy, fearless, comical, and sometimes kind of weird! I’m excited to have a big human sister, who plays with me all the time, and I especially love it when she chases me. I also have a big fur-sister, Olive, who has the most luxurious fluffy black coat. Olive is very shy, but secretly loves me, and I worship her and want to be wherever she is. We sleep together on the bath mat every night, and hangout together in the kitty condo. I like to snuggle with my human mom while she is working (and I’m such a good kitty because I never walk across her computer keyboard!). Stalking my human dad is one of my favourite pastimes, and I love jumping out at people when they least expect it! It makes them laugh so much, and this makes me very happy. I love my new family, and they love me with all their hearts.