Hello SCARS, Our beloved elder tabby cat died near the beginning of the pandemic, and we were heartbroken. When we felt ready to open our hearts to a new family member, we intended to adopt an older cat. But we were drawn to a kitten we saw on the SCARS website as she looked so much like our cat whom had passed. We loved her as soon as we met her. We brought her home, and discovered her to be the most comical little cat. Her favourite thing was (and still is) jumping out at people and surprising them. She is the only cat we’ve had that “sploots”, and it still makes us laugh. Her SCARS name was “Bootsie”, but we renamed her “Starbuck” (after the Battlestar Galactica character). She is “Star” for short and has a million nicknames, but the nickname we call her most is “Skrat” because it suits her so well.