Snowball had been hit by a car

I’m snowball – and I’m feeling super lucky! Last week I had an accident, where I was hit by a car and broke my leg. It was really scary, and it hurt so much!

Thankfully, someone quickly contacted SCARS and they sent a lovely lady to come help me. She took me all the way to the vet. The vet got me into surgery and put my leg back together with some pins.

I’m only a young guy, about 6 months old, and I am already on the mend. I was able to move from the vet, into my new foster home. Even though I have to spend most of my time laying down, my foster mom says that I am the sweetest thing. I like to follow her all over and cuddle with her every chance I get.

The vet says I will take 6-7 weeks to recover from my break, but I’m already doing SO good. My new forever family will need to help me stay off my leg until I get a clean bill of health.