Selma and Seville were the last two survivors of their litter

Selma and her brother Seville came into SCARS care because, unfortunately, their mother was being very aggressive with them. They are the only two that survived from a litter of seven.

Selma had bite wounds on her head. With the loving care from our volunteers, Selma is recovering nicely from her attacks and is turning into a normal, playful puppy. Her foster home says she is adorable likes to play and wrestle! Seville had many bite wounds on his head and around his eye. His little body was sore and he whimpered when picked up. The vet thinks he’s been rolled many times and bitten by bigger dogs. He cowers when touched as though he’s expecting to be hurt again. He had his wounds cleansed and the dry scabs removed. But the eye … is there an eye? The area was soaked, dry blood removed and gently pried open. There was pure greenish exudate in that tiny eye. So infected. Next step was to apply dye medium to both eyes (one for comparison purpose). The vet team set up an ultrasound with a blue light to see if if there a corneal scratch or an ulceration on the eye surface.  What a brave puppy! Most exciting news! There was an eye still in there. It’s badly infected but no damage requiring eye enucleation at this time. But we are not sure yet if he has any vision in it. Time will tell. He’s on special eye drops 2-3 times per day. His eye needs to be soaked and pried open for the drops. He will need follow up veterinary care. His face is still very swollen. He’s also on pain meds every 24 hrs and liquid antibiotic every 12 hours for 7 days.

Donations for Seville, Selma and the spay and care of their momma will be gratefully accepted.

Update: We are pleased to report that Selma’s wounds have healed! Selma is a very active and curious little girl. She loves to play with her brother and the dogs in the foster home. Seville’s wounds, which were more serious, have healed as well. The great news is that the vet believes he can see out of the eye that was injured. He is a very quiet little boy who likes to cuddle and sleet a lot. He has fun chasing a red dot on the floor. He is still quite afraid of big dogs so there is some work ahead to help him feel confident that other dogs don’t want to hurt him.