With facility staff now in place, we are starting animal intake at Rescue Centre in Morinville in early October. The facility is open to the public by appointment only as a meet-and-greet location for those who apply to adopt an animal.

It’s been an incredible learning journey for us to renovate a building and set up operations for this new facility. We are so grateful to our donors, volunteers, staff, and board for their support. This 3,800 square foot facility will fill lots of needs for SCARS, such as providing:

  • placement for pets when foster homes are not currently available (such as late-night intakes that do not require urgent veterinary care)
  • a central location where the public can meet adoptable animals by appointment or during adoption events
  • a quiet place for animals to recover from surgeries (such as our community spay-neuter-return pets)
  • new opportunities for volunteers to interact with animals

What we need for the rescue centre

During the past few months, our staff and volunteers have been working on renovations to the facility and now those renovations are nearly complete.

What we still need:

  • more veterinary cages to house cats
  • more outdoor kennel fencing
  • ongoing supplies for daily operations (see our wish list)

The following is complete, thanks to our generous supporters:

  • commercial-quality clothes washer & dryer
  • sea cans to store supplies
  • outdoor fencing (partially complete)
  • animal surveillance system
  • miscellaneous items for interior renovations

We also have a fun opportunity to feature your pet’s cute face inside an indoor dog kennel! See sample below and learn more here!

Note: Scroll below the donation area to see some images of the centre.

Rescue Centre Renovations Fund

Located 15 minutes north of St. Albert, the SCARS Rescue Centre is adjacent to the Morinville Veterinary Clinic at 9804 – 90 Avenue in Morinville, Alberta.

Here are a few images where renovations were just getting underway.


August 8 update images!



August 11 update images!

September 15 updates


October 3, 2022!!!

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is a Society incorporated under the laws of Alberta. Our registered address is PO Box 3045 Athabasca AB T9S 2B9. SCARS plans to raise approximately $1.6M in 2022 through fundraising campaigns. It is estimated to cost the organization approximately $211,000 to raise this amount. Funds raised go to support rescue costs, care and medical attention for rescued SCARS animals, and to support our mission to promote the humane care and protection of all animals and prevent cruelty and suffering. For further information regarding donations please contact Sylvia Christiansen at 780-466-SCAR(7227) or sylvia.christiansen@scarscare.ca.