Monthly payment of SCARS Sanctuary Animal sponsorship

**Important! This page is for payment for people who have already made arrangements. Please do not attempt to purchase these items if you do not yet have a contract to renew.

Pay full amount over the phone using your credit card:

To pay for Sanctuary Animal sponsorship or website advertising, you can call SCARS and pay over the phone using your credit card. SCARS uses Square Incorporated for credit cards. Contact information for this type of payment can be found on your contract agreement and related email.

Square does not handle recurring payments, so alternatively you can pay monthly by using PayPal (see options below).

Sanctuary Animal Sponsorship PayPal Renewal options – pay monthly (12 monthly payments)

Renew 12 month Sanctuary Animal Sponsorship – pay monthly $850 (Regular price $1,000 – $150)


Renew both Sanctuary Animal sponsorship and website advertising PayPal purchase options (12 monthly payments)

Renew 12 months Sanctuary Animal Sponsorship and website advertising – pay monthly $1,700 (special price of $2,000 – $300)