Sage and Hunsen (formerly Missy and Finn)

Hi SCARS. Since coming to our new family on June 21, 2017, the two cats we adopted (a momma and her kitten) had no troubling settling in. Sage, the momma cat previously named Missy, took quickly to the man of the house and had an afternoon nap with him the day she arrived in her new home. The kitten just followed his momma wherever she roamed in the house.

After just two days of being in their new home, they were very cooperative during grooming. Momma was in need of a good brush and bath and even let us do a nail trim. From then on, it was quite obvious that Sage and her kitten, Hunsen, who was previously named Finn were both very content and needless to say spoiled.

Having both Sage and Hunsen in our home now for already eight months, we can’t picture life without our little furry feline companions. They have given us so much laughter and joy that our phones always seem to be full of pictures of sweet moments between two of them or silly ways they may sleep. They have been perfect to have with children around and are very patient and gentle when it comes to being played with.

Thanks to SCARS for helping us to connect to our new family members. We hope to have many years of memories with our kitties!