SCARS would like to thank some amazing students for choosing SCARS to benefit from their “Race to Give” school projects! We are inspired by their messages … see below.

Hello SCARS, Previously, I wrote to your organization about my group and our recent school project: Race to Give. In the email, we requested an interview with a member of SCARS, which we got! We are beyond grateful for your interview and now, we would like to share the outcome with you.

Race to Give was a project where our teachers assigned us groups to work together and build a car out of materials they gave us. Some of the most essential items out of the things they provided us with were four 1.2 by 1.2 metre cardboard sheets, two rolls of packing tape, one roll of duct tape and two bottles of glue. We were also given a yard waste bag and an abundance of newspapers to better reinforce our carts. Eventually, after our planning, we got to make a prototype: a scaled version of our future car, which was a success! We ended up running tests on that prototype to figure out which size of the wheels would be the most efficient. Out of all of them, surprisingly the smallest wheels were the fastest and the most sturdy for our cart. With this in mind, we took all of our planning as we started building our car.

In the car building, we were faced with many challenges, such as our wheels not properly fastened onto the axle. We believe that this changed our outcome of the race because it slowed our cart down as they fell off the axle. But other than that, I think that our car design and aesthetics were still helpful to us and to SCARS. On our chariot, we included printed pictures of the SCARS’ logo on the carts half roof and side. We thank you for letting us share your charity with our class during this project and hope that SCARS receives more donations in the future.

When it came down to the race, we fell short of winning first the final 3. However, out of our class, we finished 2nd, and out of both the Pre-ap classes, we finished 3rd! But since it is taken out of our classes, we were presented with a certificate of 2nd place and the “Most Creative Use of Grab Bag Items” award.

Here is our cart:

Other than that, we also worked on multiple different side projects like a website and multiple different paragraphs all regarding your charity. We worked on various paragraphs about why we chose your charity and wrote a persuasive letter to our principal. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to present your charity. In this process, we learned that SCARS not only helps stray animals, but strengthens them for adoption. Thanks to you, my cats Turvey and Tinker were given a second chance and now are the most adorable kittens our family could have asked for. We understand that not all animals have a great first home but SCARS has made it so that over 2,000 animals get adopted into a loving family each year.

I believe that the importance of this charity has been more clear to me after the Race to Give project. It is important to acknowledge how smaller charities can grow to be the source of so many people’s happiness. During this project, researching and learning about how SCARS helps stray animals has really made me wonder how SCARS and other organizations can make a greater impact than most people are aware of. An example of this would be that before this project I wasn’t even sure how SCARS worked or what it was. But after some time, learning about how the society runs and how it offers programs to get animals the homes they deserve has really made me think of how important it is.

Recently, my classmates and I have written to our Principal, Mr. Preeper, about our charities. Since my group and I chose yours, we wrote about how we related to SCARS and how he could relate to it too, even if he didn’t know it yet. I wrote mine in a way that persuaded him to support this charity by taking part in events that help the pets we all love. What I mean by this is that by giving evidence in numbers and many other ways of how great SCARS really is.

I thank you again for letting me and my group have this wonderful experience of learning and bonding with each other, and your charity.

Thank you, Rosie, Naya and Misba

Dear Second Chance Animal Rescue, Thank you very much for helping us complete our “Race to Give” project.  We successfully built our vehicle using just cardboard, tape, and glue and used it to promote your charity. The race was equally successful and our car crossed the finish line! We wanted to thank you for the time you took to speak to us and answer our questions.  We learned a lot about your charity and the importance of supporting local charities. We hope you would be open to future grade 7 students contacting you in the future when they do this project so that they can also benefit from this experience. We have attached some of the social media we created for our project to promote your charity.  We hope you are able to use it on your Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or Twitter accounts.  We had a lot of fun creating them. Again, thank you for your time.  We sincerely appreciated your help. Sincerely, Julianna, Jair, Malcolm, and Addison

Some of our social media posts: