Hello SCARS, it’s me, Ritza! Well, now my name is Piper! Remember, I came into SCARS back in July 2020 with an old pelvic injury that resulted in me needing an FHO surgery at Westlock Vet Center. Well, I lucked out ! One of the staff members at WVC couldn’t say no to me and brought me home to my forever home! I’m all healed up now, and I couldn’t be happier!

I now spend my days playing and chasing cows with my little sister, Annie. I also love rolling the cats around in the snow, which I’m apparently not supposed to do. But I’m also not supposed to push them into the toilet when they’re drinking… so I’m not sure what I’m actually supposed to do with them. But ranch life has been pretty great so far! I’m told calving season is right around the corner so I’ll have some more small friends.

I love going for rides so mom likes to take me work with her sometimes to visit all the people who made me better! Oh, and I also made the cut for the Christmas Card this year.

Thank you SCARS for saving me and helping me find my forever home!