Hello SCARS, It’s me Piper (formerly Nadia). I’ve been bugging my human to let me give you an update! I’m 4 months old now and 44lbs. Good thing mom is pretty strong and still able to pick me up when I’m scared to get out of the car when we get home – it’s not my fault it seems higher than it is and the garage is pretty boring unlike the excitement when we get to the pet store or daycare!

I think I’m pretty happy here. I have lots of toys to play with and fun things to chew. My favourite is my yak cheese… no wait it’s my bully stick… scratch that, it’s the no hide roll… or is it the driftwood stick… I can’t decide! Sometimes I grab 2 at once to chew (though I recently discovered how good mom’s shoes taste). I had a comfy bed too, but I managed to undo the Velcro on the cover and discovered a ton of fun green stuff to play with! So now I only have half a bed.

I also have a kitty brother and sister, and I really like them. Mom says I might like them too much, but I think that’s not possible. Either way she got me a trainer so I can learn how to play with them without chasing or biting at them. I think one of them likes me too because he licks my head occasionally and also frequently climbs over the bars to get into my x-pen when I’m in there. I think we might be giving mom a few more grey hairs. LOL!

I’ve been learning lots and I’m going to start “school” in April! I love my walks, and I charm everyone I meet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all people and dogs. I get so excited I wag my tail so hard my butt moves a foot in either direction! Mom thinks it’s pretty funny. I love everyone so much that I get upset when they don’t want to meet me. I mean, how could you not want to meet me!? I’m awesome!

Well, it’s time for me to go steal mom’s spot on the couch for a nap!

Thanks so much for rescuing my mom and us puppies!