Phoenix had Canine Parvovirus

Parvo, what a horrible, awful, maddening disease. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t wish Parvo on my worst enemy – not even a dog who stole my food or my most favourite treat. Phoenix here and I am the lone survivor from my litter. Metaphorically I have survived the fire and risen from the ashes and I am now getting my second chance. Just over 10 days ago I was brought to the vet clinic with two others from my litter. One of our siblings had already passed away. The diagnosis – Parvo. Fortunately for me, a SCARS volunteer was at the clinic and was asked if SCARS would take us. She said yes, so we were immediately taken into the isolation ward and treatment started.

Two of us were looking pretty good to start with. We were doing well. Our brother was struggling though. He was very ill. Twenty-four hours in, the virus hit the two of us who were doing well like a freight train at full speed. Now all three of us hovered between life and death. The strain of the Parvo virus can be deadly even with the best care.

I am the only one who survived. My siblings crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Why did I survive? I don’t know. I was the smallest of the litter and just as sick as the others. Maybe my fighting spirit was just a little stronger. I know that the SCARS supporters made this all possible.

Today was the best day in a very long time, the veterinary staff said I was healthy enough to leave isolation and go meet my foster family. Long time foster family, Julie and Ron, who have devoted thousands of hours to helping animals like me, are going to nurse me back to health. SCARS is so grateful to the tremendous family of volunteer foster homes like Ron and Julie who invest so much time and effort into helping animals in need. It is going to take some time and I can only repay them in tail wags and happy licks, but I can’t wait till I am running free and ready to search for my forever family. Wish me well and by the way we ran up a pretty big vet bill in the efforts to save us. Any help would be appreciated.