Hello SCARS, I just wanted to send in an update on our two little rescue kitties. We got Phoebe (formerly Moira) and her baby, Molly (formerly Quigley), in
November 2020. Since then they have both grown so much in different ways. Phoebe came to her foster home from living outside with her first litter of kittens about four months before we adopted her. The foster home found out she was pregnant with her second litter and that is where she had little Molly who has only lived indoors and always known love from humans.

We give great credit to the amazing foster family for taking them in and putting the real work into getting Phoebe started on the path to where she is today. They dealt with her wanting nothing to do with people, giving her meds for a few issues, scratching and biting out of fear, living under their bed mostly and helping her with her last litter of six kittens.

Now Phoebe is a sweet little thing that wants to be pet and cuddled with no bites or scratches, sleeps on a bed (not under), and just loves to be loved. Her baby Molly is just the most cuddly little kitty, not so little anymore though. She is getting bigger by the minute and has the best little quirky personality. We are so happy to have them in our lives and are grateful for all of the people that have made it possible for them to get to us. Thanks for everything you do!