Hi SCARS! Hope all is well with you. We adopted a beautiful girl from you on December 15 of 2017 and I just wanted to share an update. We fell in love with her upon our meet and greet and were extremely excited to bring her home. She is an older girl who just needed a loving home and some loving humans! She was substantially overweight when we brought her home and we’re happy to report that she is on a brand new diet to help her shed some pounds! She has been the light of our lives for the past two months. Every day we feel blessed that we got to come home to her. She comes with us on all of our adventures and she’s the perfect companion. We are unsure of her age. We figure she’s somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. Please don’t ever be discouraged from adopting an older dog. She has been NOTHING but a blessing to our home. She is sweet, docile and eager to please us. We couldn’t ask for a more well behaved dog. She does not like to be around other dogs. We figure she’s had a traumatic experience in the past that has caused this. If it were not for her dislikes of other dogs, we would more than likely adopt another one from SCARS! So thank you for everything you’ve done for us! And thank you for everything you do for the animals in your care. Had it not been for your organization, we would not have found our sweet, old girl!