Sonny has Demodex

May 1, 2023 Meet Sonny 🎶🎶Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no 🎶🎶 This puppy was found at the dump and has Demodex but he doesn’t let ....

Luna (formerly Shay)

Hello SCARS! We adopted Luna (formerly Shay) in May 2022. She was very nervous and shy. She now gets along well and plays with her little canine fur friends (Pewter and Lotus) and a ....

Spay-neuter-return dogs

April 27, 2023 This week we were able to assist some animals through our Spay-Neuter-Return (SNR) program! SNR is where we visit partner communities to offer veterinary services. On request, we transport owned pets ....


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