Murphy (formerly Elliott)

Hello SCARS. As Murphy’s 10th birthday approaches (in March 2018) I was reminded that she got her start in SCARS foster care with one of your volunteers, Barb Sheppard. What a sweet lady Barb was, and Momma Lorelai was a great mom to her 10 puppies named after the cast of “Scrubs.” My Murphy started out as Elliott. She was an adventurer from the start, and that is one characteristic that is very much a part of who she still is today. She has taken a few solo adventures over the years, so thank goodness for dog tags and Murphy not being afraid of strangers! She loves people. She is, however, afraid of thunder, fireworks… and hot air balloons of all things. And plastic bags. She is the bravest scaredy-cat your ever met.

Murphy is doing great, still very active although she has slowed down somewhat. She still gets bursts of energy daily when she tears around the backyard at breakneck speed, dodging obstacles like the shed and deck and leaping over snowbanks as she goes. Temperatures of -30 doesn’t slow her down too much either… it’s me who has slowed down over the last few years!

I was wondering if there are any puppy pictures in the archives of Murphy/Elliott and her siblings, mom Lorelai, and Barb. Even though Murphy is healthy now, I can’t help preparing myself for the heartbreak ahead in 2-5 years. I would like to gather some “baby pictures” for the photo book I will put together. If you can help in any way, I would love to hear from you.

Here are a few snapshots, one is a puppy picture that might jog your memory of her littermates. The others are more recent depicting my wonderful life with Murphy. There are thousands more of course, but those will be for her memoir.

All the best from a 10-year supporter,

Sif Hansen

P.S. If you have any information on her DNA, that would be great too! My guess all these years has been Blue Heeler/Corgi mix but who can really be sure about these things. She was born a white ball of fur and then developed blue and red speckles and tan undercoat as she grew up. What a surprise! I thought my new puppy was white. Hahaha!