Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the wonderful people at SCARS! My name is Murphy and thanks to SCARS I live in a very happy home. I found my forever home in March 2019. I love my humans very much and I know they love me too! Every day they tell me how much happiness I bring into our home. It’s so fun here. I have a very big yard to take care of with lots of places to bury treasures. Last summer my Dad was planting lots of little shrubs and I tried to help him dig the holes because he’s not very good at that. I liked it a lot when he was planting these little trees because it was easy to give him lots of big kisses, which made him laugh! Then he’d roll over and we wrestled. I like to go for car rides with Dad when he goes on errands or picks somebody up, more kisses to give! He took me to the vet recently for a check up. I really like her and gave her lots of kisses too! She’s always trying to figure out what kind of dog I am. Mom says it doesn’t matter because I am just “The Best Dog.” And sometimes I go to a grooming lady for a bath. I gave her a bath too! She gives me big squeezy hugs before I go home. My Mom says that I have the most exceptional personality of any dog she has ever had, and she’s had a lot of dogs!

Thank you for taking care of me for the first part of my life and helping me to find my family. My Mom says “Hi” and maybe someday we’ll come to Athabasca to visit so you can see what a beautiful pooch I am!

P.S. My Mom wants to add a note:

Hello there! Murphy (formerly Rumble) is the happiest, smartest and most well behaved dog. It’s really unbelievable how wonderful he is. We never took him for obedience classes as he only has to be told ‘no’ once and that’s it. We’re not into teaching him tricks because we’d never let him join a circus! He has brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do. – Kevin & Edna Harrington