Hello SCARS,  Many years ago, I think it was 2007, our family saw a picture of a beautiful Border Collie X on your website. I enquired about him and talked to his foster mom in Westlock. She told us that there had been lots of calls about Murphy, but that he’d had a rough start, was very fearful. She had deep concerns about Murphy’s ability to be socialized.

She let us come and meet him. We brought our old rough collie with us and the rest was history. Murphy only trusted our 6-year-old son at first. Soon he was comfortable with all of us. Murphy lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Banff, Saskatoon and lastly in Vancouver.

He had a wonderful life and was loved by everyone who met him, except any rabbits or squirrels that happened to cross his path! On May 26, he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. We will miss him. Thank you for trusting us to be his forever family.


I’ve attached a picture of Murphy at his majestic best.