Hello SCARS, Our SCARS dog, Mooch, truly is special. She is so smart and a kindred spirit to my husband, Gary. For instance, neither one likes their food touching different food, and neither one likes dirty hands/paws, and so forth, ha-ha!

We met Mooch at a SCARS Canines & Cocktails fundraising gala. We were at our table and as the puppy parade started, Gary turned to me and said, “Do you mind if I get a girlfriend?” Mooch was part of the parade and we applied to adopt her. Gary trained Mooch in a day and she really is an incredibly smart dog. She wakes Gary up at 07:30 for breakfast, almost on the nose every day, and when dinner time approaches she gets quite goofy, rolling around on the floor and play growling.

She knows “Uncle Ken’s place” and always reminds Gary that he needs to turn in there from the highway (so she can get cookies). She is an excellent traveller and has gone with us to the U.S. many, many times. She also goes to work with Gary every day. Our son, Dean, took her to 4H dog classes but she didn’t do so well because she kept trying to “protect” Dean from all the other dogs/people by standing between him and everyone else and growling quietly. This is kind of weird for Mooch because she is so chill and likes pretty much everyone. I could talk about Mooch all day! Thanks for entrusting us with her. She truly is a blessing.