Molly (previously Ella)

Molly (previously Ella) was rescued by SCARS along with her eight pups and taken to the Hinton SPCA. When I picked her up February 5 of this year, they had to carry her to put her in the back of my vehicle to bring home. She was stressed with a lot of fear of everything. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I had to pick her up, struggling to put into my car every time we went out. But that didn’t last long as we always went out to great areas for wonderful walks. Now she runs to my car and jumps in excited to get out for her adventures. In fact, I cannot leave the back of my car open without her jumping in. She has adopted my grand kids and family as her own. We have spent a lot of time with them at their house in St. Albert, and at their lake house. She is great with other dogs and has made many dog friends at the off-leash dog park at the end of my street. She is a great dog and I cannot imagine my life without her. Thanks for all you do!

Note: when SCARS doesn’t have foster home space, we will contact partner agencies to place dogs into care. Our goal is to get at-risk pets to safety as soon as possible. We are grateful to organizations like the  Hinton SPCA!