Hello SCARS, I will start off by saying this update isn’t all sunshine and roses but I think it may help fellow adopters who got a puppy during the pandemic to see they aren’t alone with all the fun “quirks” our fur babies might be showing now that the world is fully opening up again….

My fiancé and I adopted MJ in July of 2020. Like many people we found ourselves with lots of extra time at home (which we may have enjoyed a little too much) and decided that we would keep ourselves available to own a dog and take on the responsibility of dog ownership. When we first met MJ, we knew right away she was our perfect fit! We arrived at the foster home to meet the litter of puppies and the mom, Magda. MJ didn’t want anything to do with us as her brother and sisters jumped all over us for attention. She waited until the “new people hype” wore off and came over to us and just sat there calmly. We took her home a week later and she was the sweetest angel! She barely ever barked, loved all human interactions and made dog friends everywhere we went! Then the world shut down again in December. We still went to the dog parks; she went to doggy daycare twice a week. But we couldn’t have people over in our home, which she was getting so used to. A few months passed and I noticed MJ got more reactive on our walks and in the parks making sure people kept their 6ft from us at all times. I didn’t think much of it, but then we had a couple of friends over in our home in the spring with their new puppy, and MJ was a little monster! You would never have guessed this barking lounging dog was a sweet, people-loving puppy just a few months back. Knowing all dogs go through this “challenge all phase”, my fiancé and I found professional guidance. This has been a game changer for us and MJ.

We are learning that MJ doesn’t have to like all people but MJ is learning she isn’t allowed to be a little jerk either and hang out with us. To make a long story short, we and MJ are a work in progress as we learn from one another, but the journey is so worth it. Don’t give up on your little land sharks! With proper human and dog training, life will get easier.