Hello SCARS, It’s me, Milo (formerly known as Keane). My mom and dad adopted me about a week ago and boy, has my life changed! I have a new big brother, Tazzy. At first, Tazzy didn’t know what to think of me but my charm was too hard to resist! Now he’s grooming me and we love to play wrestle and sleep together. We keep each other company when mom and dad are at work. I’m as energetic and as busy as ever, zipping around the house especially at night and keeping mom on her toes! I love to cuddle in my parents’ arms, play with my big brother, and sleep on the middle perch of our cat tree. Speaking of cat trees, my parents told me we’re getting a new cat tree for Christmas and I can’t wait! I’m so happy and grateful to have found my forever family.

Video Update Jan. 19, 2021 –